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    We’re helping electrify next-generation mobility with battery supply chain logistic solutions that let you charge and take charge.

    Empowering the mobility of the future

    From scooters and bikes to next-generation vehicles, the electrification of global mobility is gaining pace at an exponential rate. Meeting the ever-growing battery needs of this exciting chapter requires proven expertise and constant adaption to changing technology and regulations. 

    As a key player in worldwide battery logistics, we are there for you at all logistic stages with various transport modes and services for the complete life cycle of batteries. 

    Our industry know-how

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    One-stop battery solution

    Enjoy a full-service portfolio that covers the entire life cycle of the battery: from pick-up and shipment – to delivery and the conscientious recycling and disposal of end-of-life products. Our global team of experts and strategic distribution hubs ensure smooth and profitable operations.

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    Industry expertise

    Count on an experienced team to handle all legal requirements for the transportation and warehousing of all types of batteries, as well as the individual regulations concerning battery types and transportation modes. Our combined expertise in automotive, electronics, and the semiconductor business also provides cross-industrial solutions.

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    Our network covers the whole logistics spectrum: land, air, ocean, and rail transport. We provide and organize the proper packaging to ensure safe transport and storage for all kinds of batteries: new, used, and damaged. Our dangerous goods experts ensure hassle-free processes and more peace of mind. 

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    Monitoring and tracking

    Our innovative connect2track system offers you seamless, 24/7 tracking of your products worldwide. Based on our own IoT platform, connect2track ensures maximum visibility and condition monitoring with real-time updates, tracking and logging devices, as well as enhanced security measures.

    Get in touch with our battery experts

    Christian Moser

    Solution Manager E-mobility

    +43 664 88600138

    Our battery brochure

    Download our informative brochure and find your optimal solution.

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