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    Circular Economy Logistics

    Keep costs down, accelerate, and drive the circular economy with our solutions for the most complex part of the supply chain.

    From linear to circular 

    Reduce - reuse - recycle - rethink. The linear economy is passé; the future belongs to the circular economy. The goal is to keep materials and components of all kinds in a continuous and sustainable cycle. Logistics plays a crucial role since the linear flows of traditional supply chains are disappearing – replaced by diverse, complex return and distribution flows.

    We support you in implementing a circular economy by developing end-to-end operational management – to maximize the value of your goods, protect your brand, and achieve your sustainability goals. 

    How the circular economy benefits you

    1. 1


      Manufacturers must rethink products and consider the holistic product cycle to enable circularity.

    2. 2

      More efficiency, fewer costs

      Minimize your costs and increase the speed of the most complex area of the supply chain: returns. How? With our reverse logistics and repair services solutions.

    3. 3

      Reduced inventory holding and transportation costs

      Bring transparency to the supply chain and leverage your inventory management.

    4. 4

      Full range of services

      Create the ultimate, integrated supply chain experience by using our contract and lead logistics services.

    How we support your circular economy

    Industrial worker is fixing seal of container

    Return initiation

    • Return acknowledgment
    • Return validation
    • RMA creation
    • RMA status update
    • Statistic analysis/reporting
    • Return label
    Industrial worker is checking the production of steel structures

    Return processing

    • Advance exchange and pick-up
    • Returns receiving
    • Repurpose assessment
    • Initial inspection
    • RMA validation
    • Warranty validation
    • Grading (1st level)
    • Put away
    • Redistribution
    • RTV
    • Scrap
    Multiple DB Schenker containers on trailer constructions lined up, ready for collection

    Repair processing

    • Visual and mechanical inspection
    • Software update
    • Functional inspection
    • Grading (2nd level)
    • Refurbishment
    • Repair parts management 
    • Parts harvesting

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