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Your pets are in best hands!

Air carriage of small animals

Your pets are in best hands!

We provide transport solutions for the air transportation of dogs, cats, and other pets, in export to almost any international airport in the world. 

Our company is working not only with regard to the transportation of cargoes, but also with colleagues with competent expertise in the care of them. We take into account the changing animal health standards of the countries of origin and arrivals.

Our colleagues would help you to learn the regulations. If you might have any special requests, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to your interest, even in case of zoos, wildlife parks or individuals.

For these deliveries, it is extremely important that we take great care of all possible options and aligned with the owner, we choose the one most suitable option for the animal.

Air transport of pets

  • Delivery of zoo or other exotic animals
  • Air transport of livestock, charter solutions
  • Birds delivery
  • Horses transport