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General Terms & Conditions

Please find our latest General Terms & Conditions here

If any of the a/m term. changes the rate will be modified  accordingly.

The following services will be invoiced separately, based on the official

tariffs and fees:

- services which are not included in this offer
- costs and charges which cannot be calculated in advance
- services which you asked as extra

We operate exclusively on the basis of the Hungarian General Freight Forwarding Conditions published on 29.05.2014 the homepage of Association of Hungarian Forwarding and Logistic Service Providers.

In terms of the arising legal issues related to the concluded contracts, the parties agree on the application of Hungarian Law, as well as on the sole authority of the local court, to which the forwarder’s headquarter belongs.

In order to fulfil the  forwarding order ,  the forwarder can  make use  services of other  entrepreneurs  / as  intermediary services.

The acceptance of our offer we consider that you declared that the service product  provided by us to you belong to the transport of the shipment from a third country, from outside European Union therefore the amount of our service will build into he base of  the VAT of the

imported item. (2007. year CXXVIII. law, 74,75,93 section)

If  our service price will be not buld int he base of the VAT of the imported item we kindly ask you pls inform u sin written about it.

We hope our offer meets your requirements and we would be pleased if we received your forwarding orders. In this case please refer to our above offer number.

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