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Customs Office

CUSTOMS Office opened at our site in Szigetszentmiklós

Please arrange your customs duties at our office, use our premium services, with this you can receive extra benefit!

Our CUSTOMS YARD services:

  • Customs representation
  • In case of your order direct customs representation in the customs procedures.
  • Export/import customs service


  • Issuing of complete export customs documents
  • Issuing of the necessary transport documents
  • Issuing of the certificate of origin
  • Electronic export customs clearance
  • Customs guidance
  • Preparing of pre-calculations
  • Proposal for classification of the goods


  • Complete preparation of import customs documents
  • Suggestion for heading, information about  customs numbers restrictions, information with regards the discounts
  • Applying for customs identification number (VPID (EORI) number), related administration
  • Preparing of preliminary and final calculation
  • Electronic import
  • Public customs warehousing
  • Financial guarantee, guarantee assumption
  • Contribution in inspection of goods

Revision activity service

  • Subsequent modification and correction of the customs decision
  • examination and administration of ex post recourse of tariff preferences
  • Review of previous customs clearances
  • Preparing of the pre-calculations
  • Classification proposal

Authorized economic (AEO) Status/permission 

  • Less inspection of goods
  • Less possible mistakes
  • Better plannability
  • Transport without delay for the customers
  • No downtime due to lack of material
  • Lower costs
  • There is no unnecessary excess duty payment any more
  • Better communication across the supply chain 

In our customs advisory and customs administration services we undertake: 

  • We provide the whole IT infrastructure in the customs clearance administration process
  • We provide our partners  reliable, accurate, predictable services
  • We guarantee to work always based on the current legislation and regulations
  • Our costs are predetermined and predictable
  • With the outsourcing of the customs agency activity, the financial costs are service fees instead of corporate fixed costs.
  • By using of the qualified AEO system the risk is reduced or eliminated. There is no risk that the customs authorities will encounter problems in the existing processes or the National Tax and Customs Office will disclose customs deficiencies in the subsequent control over a period of several years.

Be our PREMIUM Customer! Get special benefits!

  • Parking is provided in the nearby
  • Reduced fee
  • Monetary financing
  • Electronic road traffic control system (EKÁER) consulting
  • Separate telephone line for our dedicated customer

For further information please ask for the personal visit of our sales colleague with one of the contact details provided.