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History of Schenker (NZ) Limited goes back to a company called:

  •  A.J. Brown (Forwarding) Company Ltd that was registered from 1stof September 1980
  •  Then became Denny & Roys (NZ) Ltd 1983 – 1991
  • 1991 Schenker & Co. New Zealand is registered in March after acquiring Denny & Roys (NZ) – previously AJ Brown.
  • 1995 The Asia-Pacific Regional Head Office is opened in Singapore and headed by Ulrich Villinger, former Managing Director of Schenker International (Australia)
  • In 1995 there were 35 people working for Schenker & Co.
  • 1996: The name changed to Schenker International (NZ) Limited
  • 2001: Schenker & Co. New Zealand name changes to Schenker (NZ) Limited 
  • 2002: DB AG buys Schenker from Stinnes AG; Ron Koehler appointed Director of Schenker (NZ)
  • 2006: DB AG acquires BAX Global
  • 2011: In August Chief Financial Officer Raj Raniga, was appointed Director for Schenker (NZ) Ltd.
  • 2010: ISO 14001:2004 Certification
  • 2017: In April, DB Schenker (NZ) Ltd opened a new state-of-the-art Facility at 50 Richard Pearse Drive, Auckland  
  • 2017: In September, after working together for more than 20 years, DB Schenker (NZ) Ltd acquires SB Global Logistics to expand their presence in New Zealand.
  • 2018: In May, Reon Edwards was appointed Director of Schenker (NZ) Ltd and sits alongside Raj Raniga.