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    • Smart Logistics

    Real-time Visibility

    When you would like to add-on real time tracking we offer DB SCHENKER connect2track to support your needs

    Upgrade to full transparency from start to end

    Because sometimes it is not enough to know your delivery arrived, we offer you the possibility to monitor your shipment for a portion or throughout its entire transport. Our mobile package tracking devices tell you where your shipments are at all times and whether they are in perfect condition.

    With DB SCHENKER connect2track, you can follow the entire supply chain in real time or focus on specific transport sections that need extra care. If you require condition monitoring or real time visibility, this add-on service may be just what you need. For further details, pricing, and booking, please reach out to our experts. 

    As if you were there

    Expensive machine parts, haute couture, temperature-sensitive healthcare products: Some goods are just so valuable and sensitive that you don’t want to take your eyes off them. Assure yourself in real time that everything is going according to plan. In case of any disruptions, you'll receive a warning message and we'll adjust the plan together with you.

    We handle all your shipments with the utmost care; and even more with GPS location, temperature, humidity, light exposure, tilt, or shock monitoring.

    Our eyes and ears for your shipments

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    All measurements in the green

    Need to meet precise temperature or humidity conditions? Or have goods that must remain upright? Our sensors monitor your sensitive goods throughout the supply chain and report deviations immediately.

    DB SCHENKER connect2track options available for air freight and ocean freight.

    Reach out to our experts to determine the best solution for your needs.

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    Always an eye on your freight

    Anyone who knows the exact location of their shipment or can determine the estimated time of arrival in their own supply chain has a competitive advantage. Our service provides you with the live location in real time.

    DB SCHENKER connect2track options available for air freight and ocean freight.

    Reach out to our experts to determine the best solution for your needs.

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    Full control is better

    Our door sensors immediately trigger an alarm if goods are manipulated or opened along the way. You can intervene immediately and also receive valuable data for your claim management.

    DB SCHENKER connect2track options available for air freight and ocean freight.

    Reach out to our experts to determine the best solution for your needs.

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      Contact our experts

      Align with our experts and order devices according to your use case

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      Get your user group setup

      With your SIMS-ID we set up your user group and users

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      Training and device setup

      Platform training and device mounting made easy

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      C2T platform use

      Create your shipments and benefit from our solutions

    Frequently asked questions

    • DB SCHENKER connect2track is a ready-to-use solution that provides freight monitoring for air freight and ocean freight (availability and prices will vary). Our experts are here to support you in finding the solution right for you and your shipment.

    • To provide customers with enhanced online visibility, DB SCHENKER connect2track aggregates data from multiple sources. Our product portfolio of smart tracking and logging devices captures telemetry data for your dashboards. This gets completed with information from carriers using our well-established network of intake providers.

    • We offer a broad device portfolio with tracking and logging devices. The devices are equipped with various sensors to monitor your transport conditions. We are happy to find a suitable device for your shipment/use case.

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