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    ESG Strategy

    ESG initiatives are a top priority for DB SCHENKER, with our aim to be a #SustainabilityLeader

    On the way to sustainable logistics*

    The world needs logistics - it’s the backbone of our economy. But by emitting a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions, our current business model is not sustainable for our planet. To change this, we need to transform our whole industry together with our partners and customers. Most importantly, this includes the goal of carbon neutral transportation and increased resource efficiency, but it goes beyond that. We are constantly pushing towards comprehensive ESG leadership: Equal opportunities for all employees, fair partnerships with our customers and suppliers, and exemplary governance are among the principles which guide us.

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    On the way to clean logistics, we continuously invest in innovative low-carbon land, air, and ocean freight solutions, while improving resource efficiency in our warehouses. By doing so, we also support our customers’ ambitions to establish sustainable supply chains. Together with our partners, we are exploring the technologies which will enable the clean logistics of the future. In addition, we are forging new partnerships to create a circular economy through reverse logistics, to keep materials and components of all kinds in a continuous and sustainable cycle.

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    Creating a culture of empowerment to unleash our employees’ full potential is one of our company’s main goals. We strive to be an employer of choice with equal opportunities for all. Our main goal is to achieve 45% representation of women in the total workforce by 2030. Safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion are the driving principles and priorities for us when it comes to the social dimension of sustainability. We aim to create an empowering and safe working environment where diversity is valued and celebrated.

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    Fairness and transparency are our key values. We believe that strong partnerships with our suppliers, customers, and other business partners are the prerequisite for trusted supply chains.

    We see regular external ESG ratings and customer surveys as important yardsticks to validate our progress towards comprehensive governance. By 2030, we aim at an external ESG validation that rates DB Schenker among the top 5% of organizations. We maintain good governance practices and ensure that our employees receive the necessary compliance trainings. Similarly, we take appropriate measures that our suppliers adhere to the same values.

    *Sustainable logistics - what do we mean by that? To us, Sustainable Logistics is a guiding principle for our business, an ideal we strive for: To conduct our business with the smallest ecological footprint possible, with comprehensive fairness, exemplary governance and with the vision to create a sustainable business for the next generations.

    What we build our future on

    In our sustainability strategic framework, we’ve been very specific about our ambitions to develop logistics that are good for people, our planet, and our partners. The framework enables us to strengthen our comprehensive ESG leadership through a holistic approach enable by three strategic dimensions: Clean Logistics, Thriving Workplace, and Trusted Supply Chain.

    The framework also incorporates the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), helping to benchmark our ambitions. Within the framework we’ve connected our strategic dimensions to nine SDGs where we want to lead our industry and drive progress within.

    Graphic showing the components of the ESG strategy

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