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DB Schenker White Glove Logistics and Fashion Retail Supply Chain

“White Glove” Logistics for the World’s Luxury Fashion Brands

DB Schenker moves luxury fashion around the world with its new white glove La Conciergerie service. 

The world’s leading European luxury brands must truly be “handled with care” as they make their way across the supply chain and into the hands of their loyal customers. To say that these shipments deserve the white glove treatment would be an understatement. Worth thousands (if not millions) of dollars, they should only be handled using a concierge-like process that always puts the brand’s value and reputation first. 

Focused on reducing friction for luxury fashion brands at the manufacturing and retail level, DB Schenker’s La Conciergerie service offers the consistent brand experience that companies have come to expect from their supply chain partners. Conscientious and thorough, this tailor-made, on-demand logistics solution includes fashion show deliveries, delivery of stock, and other specialized high-end white glove services. 

Lacoste™: A Consistent Customer Experience

An internationally recognized brand that was created more than 80 years ago, Lacoste’s reach spans 120 countries, 1,200 stores, and 10,000 employees. Known for its very recognizable alligator logo, this French company also has 19 different online stores and 10,600 points of sale. In a recent exclusive interview with Lacoste’s Pascal Huoi, Logistics and Transport Manager, said that the brand is repositioning its products in the premium segment between luxury and fast fashion. “As a premium brand, our goal is to also have a premium supply chain,” he said. 

DB Schenker Supply Chain Fashion Retail Point of Sale

For Lacoste, the customer experience isn’t limited to a single product; it extends to a quality of service and is directly affected by logistics and transport. Knowing this, the luxury brand focuses on the expectations of its diverse customer base and runs a mix of self-owned stores, wholesale outlets, and partner stores.

For Lacoste’s supply chain teams, the real challenge lies in finding ways to prepare and deliver orders according to everyone’s needs. Knowing that its customers come back for its high-quality products, Lacoste puts much effort into controlling its brand image — a commitment that extends across its end-to-end supply chain. Whether they’re shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, when shopping online, or when receiving a delivery at home, for example, users must feel that consistent brand image and experience. 

“We want to tell the same story all over the world in the same way at the same time,” Huoi said, “and especially through the windows of our 1,200 stores.” To make that happen, Lacoste surrounds itself with supply chain and logistics partners that offer the same high level of service. La Conciergerie by DB Schenker is the perfect example of the type of premium service that Lacoste wants to offer its own customers. 

La Conciergerie: White Gloving High-End Fashion

Here at DB Schenker, we understand that each individual luxury client has its own unique requirements when it comes to moving high-end fashion and retail around the world. Just as one would expect from a high-end hotelier service, DB Schenker’s La Conciergerie provides a differentiated, personalized concierge service to the world’s leading luxury brands.

DB Schenker La Conciergerie High-End Fashion Gallery

Providing innovative, on-demand, discrete, transparent, time-critical, and customized services to clients 24/7 and from anywhere in the world, La Conciergerie provides customized delivery for its high-end luxury clientele.

With services that include store openings and remodels; fashion shows; press events; exhibitions and roadshows; and book and press distribution, our international concierge managers handle it all. Other services include:

  • Charter and cross trade operations worldwide
  • Packaging, storage, and logistics solutions
  • Customs expertise
  • Fairs and events with dedicated teams worldwide

By exceeding standard expectations for shipping, delivery, and transport, DB Schenker’s La Conciergerie service is also applicable for high-end online retailers that want to elevate their customer service and satisfaction levels. Working with DB Schenker, luxury brands can consistently meet and exceed their loyal customers’ expectations every time.

Dedicated Luxury Fashion Hub

Transporting high fashion from the catwalk to retail storefronts in world-class cities like Milan and Shanghai, DB Schenker’s logistics warehouse in Stabio, Switzerland, provides unique garment and hanger solutions that help European luxury fashion houses efficiently move their stock.
DB Schenker High-Volume Fashion Logistics Singles' Day China

First-class logistics for the world’s fashion brands

DB Schenker doesn’t just offer white glove services for luxury fashion. Many fashion houses require high-volume logistics. DB Schenker handles worldwide supply chain management for prestigious goods throughout the year. One example includes the world’s busiest day for online shopping, such as China’s Singles' Day.
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DB Schenker Torben Kock, Vice President Global Head of Consumer and Retail

Torben Kock
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Press release

DB Schenker has expanded its product portfolio with its new La Conciergerie service and is now the first logistics provider to offer a personalized white-glove treatment for the world’s leading luxury fashion brands.

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