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    Commonwealth Games (GC2018)

    In just 121 days, the eyes of the Commonwealth will be on the Gold Coast for the start of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

    In just 121 days, the eyes of the Commonwealth will be on the Gold Coast for the start of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

    With a broadcast audience of 1.5 billion some 6,600 athletes and officials from 70 nations and territories around the globe will be on the Gold Coast for 11 days of world class competition.

    As the Official Logistics Providers to the GC2018, DB Schenker is working hard to make sure the delivery of key venue infrastructure is seamless for Games organisers.

    The DB Schenker crew onsite is doing a fantastic job with unloads, receipting and building of products.

    The 30th of November marks the close of the first month of operations for the GC2018 team at DB Schenker Central Warehouse. 20 personnel are now employed having unpacked 35 containers and assembled 1,850 items of furniture during the month. 

    Six of the 18 personnel are indigenous trainees who have completed a two week course at DB Schenker covering customer service, safety, materials handling, security and warehouse skills. The trainees are now fully integrated into the warehouse workforce and were proud to receive their certificates of course completion.

    GC2018 / © DB Schenker Australia

    @DB Schenker, Nov 2017, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games trainee graduates

    The first container has arrived for the Commonwealth Games Village

    Preparations at the Commonwealth Games Village (CGV) are proceeding at full speed with the venue on track to open in March next year.

    GC2018+(2) / © DB Schenker Australia

    GC2018+(3) / © DB Schenker Australia

    @ DB Schenker, November 2017. The first container has arrived for the Commonwealth Games Village

    The delivery of the first container from RGS to the CGV marked a major and important milestone for the venue. This is the first time all furniture moves direct from port to Village for preparation and installation. All beds, tables, lamps and other product lamps are assembled onsite before being distributed to their specific room or location. The RGS crew has started work straight away at time of delivery!

    The DB Schenker Team is expecting 100+ Containers to be delivered in the next couple of months before the start of the event.  Our amazing 18,000 sqm gigantic warehouse is filling up quickly!

    GC2018+(4) / © DB Schenker Australia

    GC2018+(5) / © DB Schenker Australia

    GC2018+(6) / © DB Schenker Australia

    We have received our first shipment for storage and redistribution of vital equipment for the Games.

    GC2018+(7) / © DB Schenker Australia

    At peak Schenker will be running a team of 80 staff and moving 8,000 pallets through the warehouse. Distribution will be via 1,500 vehicles to over 800 movements.

    Our GC2018 crew is doing a fantastic job with unloads, receipting and building of products! We have succeeded in the first major challenges faced and looking to forward to the next steps in this exciting project. Great job guys!!!

    GC2018+(8) / © DB Schenker Australia

    Workforce Orientation Weekend

    Being a part of the GC2018 Sponsor Family, DB Schenker had an opportunity to attend the Workforce Orientation Weekend (WOW). This was the first time all of GOLDOC’s staff, volunteers and contractors came together for the first stage of Games training.

    DB Schenker was delighted to be a part of the event and enjoyed a show full of information, on the Indigenous Yugambeh Culture and GC2018 values. We also saw the Games Shaper’s uniform which will be worn by the 15,000 Volunteers and heard the stories of some amazing Volunteers who will be making GC2018 the best yet. We are all in it together! Thank you GC2018 for having us!

    GC2018+(1) / © DB Schenker Australia

    GC2018+(9) / © DB Schenker Australia

    November 2017 GC2018 Sponsor Family Workshop

    Another great opportunity for DB Schenker was to participate at the GC2018 Sponsor Family Workshop on the 30th of November at Carrara Stadium. The workshop represented a critical milestone in GC2018 planning and was operationally focussed to aid in the finalisation of the Games Time Operational Plan. As Carrara Stadium is an official venue at Games time, DB Schenker was thrilled to be able to get a once in a lifetime chance to go behind the scenes. The stadium moves from the home of the Gold Coast Suns to a majestic arena that will showcase the GC2018 Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as the Track & Field program.

    The day consisted of a series of speakers from various GOLDOC Functional Areas such as Ticketing, Transport, Accreditation and Venue Overlay with one-on-one sessions available to assist our business to finalise the Games Time Operational Marketing Plan.

    DB Schenker is delighted to be an Official Logistics Provider for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

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