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    Hoxton Park Grand Opening

    DB Schenker Australia is proud to open one of the largest multi-client contract logistics facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

    DB Schenker Australia is proud to open one of the largest multi-client contract logistics facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

    On the 14th of December 2017, the new DB Schenker logistics facility has opened its doors with an Official Grand Opening ceremony at Hoxton Park, NSW, Australia.

    The facility’s inauguration was officiated by Matthias Cormann, Minister for Finance Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate. DB Schenker was also proud to host Wendy Waller, Liverpool City Council Mayor as well as our important customers and partners.

    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening / © DB Schenker Australia

    @ DB Schenker Australia, Ribbon cutting ceremony 14 of December 2017, Hoxton Park Grand Opening

    This state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to accommodate 50,000 sqm of warehousing. It will be mainly used for consumer electronics, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and fashion/retail customers. This facility is a great addition to the DB Schenker Australia’s contract logistics portfolio, having 25 logistics sites with a total capacity of 330,000 sqm.

    “The investment into this facility is for our customers, our staff and our environment. We expect over the next few years to operate significantly more sustainably, but also continue to develop our processes within our new facility, to operate in the most efficient and cost effective manner into the near future” said Ron Koehler, CEO of DB Schenker Australia and New Zealand during the opening of the Hoxton Park site. “Together with our customers and staff members, it is a great occasion to set this milestone in the company's history” mentioned Ron Koehler.

    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(2) / © DB Schenker Australia

    @ DB Schenker Australia. The facility inauguration officiated by Matthias Cormann, Minister for Finance Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate.

    “Efficient freight supply chains are a critical enabler for productive cities and the national economy. Productivity is the foundation for growth in Australian incomes and living standards. The freight and supply chain sector contributes to that growth as a service provider to Australian industries, communities and regions, and as the connection to international suppliers and consumers” said Matthias Cormann, Minister for Finance. “Transport and logistics are a critical element of the Government’s cities strategies, and key to delivering on the Prime Minister’s goal of a 30-minute city – delivering access to work, services, open spaces, all within 30 minutes of your home” concluded Matthias Cormann.

    It was really great to host many of our valuable customers who were able to attend the event despite the extremely hot weather on the day. A separate “Thank you” to the entire Dell team for their support and insights sharing.
    “DB Schenker has, over the many years we’ve worked together, delivered continuous innovation and improvements, which has played a key role in ensuring our supply chain is best in class. Fundamentally, what underpins these deliverables is the strong relationship and partnership we have forged with the local DB Schenker team over the past 20 years”, said Angela Fox, Managing Director Dell Australia.
    “I wish to also take the opportunity to thank all the members of the DB Schenker team in the pivotal role you have played in facilitating and delivering the GCS Expansion Project. The professionalism of DB Schenker’s project, commercial, procurement, and contractor management was second to none. I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the Dell EMC team as it was a team effort & involved “heavy lifting” by both teams”, ” concluded Angela Fox CEO of DELL Australia.

    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(3) / © DB Schenker Australia
    During the opening of the facility, our guests had a chance to understand what scope of service and customised solutions DB Schenker can offer as well as taking part in various warehouse tours and familiarising themselves with our latest innovations at our marketing booths.
    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(6) / © DB Schenker Australia

    @ DB Schenker Australia, Hoxton Park Grand Opening 14 December 2017
    At the Domestic Distribution & E- Commerce Stand, we had a chance to present our new solution and key benefits of DB SCHENKERe-direct. With DB SCHENKERe-direct we have the ability to provide highly innovative technology which is a fully customisable solution for both client and Schenker.
    DB SCHENKERe-direct helps to optimise the B2B or B2C supply chain.
    Main features include: Labelling Flexibility, Shopping Cart and Co-branding & API tracking.

    We also had a great opportunity to present our Global supply chain platform SCOUT. This system allows us to manage complex supply chains that require integrated supply chain services. It gives certain parties the power to control from purchase order to final delivery and also provide end-to-end tracking on shipments through multiple transportation modes. This system also has other features like ‘deliver on-demand visibility’.

    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(4) / © DB Schenker Australia

    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(5) / © DB Schenker Australia
    @ DB Schenker Australia, Global supply chain platform SCOUT. 
    Another amazing innovation was the Forklift virtual reality training. This is a new age simulation to provide safety and training for our forklift drivers. The training had a great interest amongst our customers!
    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(6) / © DB Schenker Australia
    @ DB Schenker Australia, Forklift virtual reality training.
    It was great to have another outstanding marketing stand during our opening and a special guest from Omron. Our longstanding partner Omron Robotic Automation demonstrated their robotics in action. Omron mobile robots are autonomous intelligent vehicles designed to dramatically increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations. We really enjoyed having this little helper on the floor during the event!
    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(7) / © DB Schenker Australia
    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(8) / © DB Schenker Australia
    @ DB Schenker Australia, Omron Robotic Automation our longstanding partner. 
    Hoxton Park facility will incorporate Automated Transport Sortation Systems that will allow for the consolidation of multiple customers’ freight, into the rapidly growing DB Schenker Domestic Transport Business. In addition, a vast array of value added services will be provided on site including an Advanced Technical Centre providing configuration and testing for IT devices.
    This is a big step in the company's history and how we are moving forward. Our commitment to the Liverpool site and the people who live and work here comes from how we start and maintain our professionalism under all circumstances. The developments from this event will show the progress and commitment to quality for both the clients and DB Schenker. This successful combination will convey the competence and trust which leads to customer loyalty.
    DB Schenker’s new facility is strategically located with convenient access to major arterial roads such as the Hume Highway, the M5 and M7 Motorways. This will ensure that DB Schenker staff will be able to provide their clients first class logistics services” stated Wendy Waller, Liverpool City Council Mayor. “The arrival of such reputable companies signal a boost to Liverpool’s economy that will greatly benefit our local community. We are anticipating that up to 200 new jobs will be created at this new facility and we hope that our residents will be first in line for these employment opportunities. DB Schenker staff will be able to provide their clients first class logistics services” said Wendy Waller.
    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(9) / © DB Schenker Australia
    @ DB Schenker Australia, Wendy Waller, Liverpool City Council Mayor
    Once again, a big “Thank you” to all our customers for coming, celebrating and sharing this day with us. You made this day special!

    Hoxton+Park+Grand+Opening+(1) / © DB Schenker Australia

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