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DB Schenker appreciates the partnership of many years.

DB Schenker has extended the cooperation with NEONET for another two years. For a decade, the logistics operator has provided services for one of the leading sellers of household appliances/ audio/video devices/ laptops/ smartphones.

DB Schenker provides NEONET with B2B services, as well as B2C services, delivering shipments to individual clients. In 2019 the logistics operator delivered thousands of shipments via both distribution channels.

“For DB Schenker, a cooperation with market leaders opens up space for improving its services. NEONET firm is a client with whom we have come up with many interesting solutions for the e-commerce sector for years. Since we are aware that the client placed trust in us, we regularly use its valuable opinions to look together for the ways to make our service more effective and attractive in reaching NEONET end customers. As DB Schenker we are proud that our cooperation will continue in the years to come” says Tomasz Pyka, DB Schenker Sales Director in the cluster of North-Eastern Europe.

“As NEONET we do appreciate cooperation with partners who systematically enhance the quality of services provided to our clients hand in hand with us while seeking synergies to optimize processes. DB Schenker is just that kind of partner to whom NEONET entrusted the service of its clients for another two years. We could see many times what the partnership with DB Schenker meant, well-proven by the actions such as risk-sharing, sharing the responsibility as well as the benefits developed” says Tomasz Okoński, Director of Logistics and Customer Service Division with NEONET.

“We take many efforts to best meet client’s expectations, for example, in terms of timely deliveries and picking of shipments. DB Schenker employees support the processes at NEONET distribution centers. Deliveries to end customers are arranged from our 17 terminals located all over Poland” explains Władysław Kiczak, Director for Wrocław Region in DB Schenker.

For ten years both companies have strengthened their operational cooperation, using a multiplicity of IT tools so that the year-to-year growing volume of shipments could be served most effectively. Due to the specificity of the client’s operations DB Schenker introduced additional services, e.g., upstairs deliveries, afternoon deliveries.

NEONET is a leader in the household appliances/ audio/video devices/ laptops/ smartphones market. Under their brand name nearly 300 shops nationwide currently operate offering a wide variety of products at low prices, which are the result of a unique business model based on cost optimization related to space and location of shops. The online shop, in which clients have access to top-class equipment profiled in every detail, serves as a supplement to the physical shops’ offer. 

DB Schenker is a global logistics operator. It assures comprehensive solutions including land, sea and air transport as well as warehouse logistics. It manages global supply chains for producers, exporters, and importers of leading brands. In Poland, the logistics operator has a strong network of connections – more than 3 000 people work at branches and related handling terminals, logistics warehouses and customs agencies.