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DB Schenker will open a new terminal in the Lublin region

DB Schenker, a leading logistics operator, is moving operations from the facility in Lublin to a modern transshipment terminal, which will be built in the Świdnik Business Activity Zone • The new green terminal will start operating in the fourth quarter of 2020

DB Schenker will soon move its branch from Lublin to a modern terminal located in the Świdnik Business Activity Zone. The investment for customers from the Lublin region will be located near the airport and the S17 national road running along the European route E372, which connects south-eastern Poland with western Ukraine.

“Despite the complex situation with Covid-19 we do not stop and invest in another modern and ecological facility. The value of this investment, together with the cost of purchasing 6 ha of land, will be about 10 million euros. We are strengthening our position in the region, working conditions and safety of our employees as well as the quality provided to our customers,” says Piotr Zborowski, CEO North&East Europe DB Schenker.

The facility in Świdnik has almost 4500 square metres of operating space and 665 square metres of office space. It is based on the highest standards of modern and ecological construction. The aim is to increase the efficiency of operations and at the same time the safety of people employed and shipments handled. The size of the plot of land will allow for optimal design of the transshipment, manoeuvring and operating space. Modern and safe equipment includes silent electric forklifts, LED lighting, heat recovery devices and many others. What is very important for the residents of Lublin, the terminal will be located far away from housing estates, outside the city, additionally separated from the nearest neighbours by a noise barrier.

“The terminal in the Lublin region will meet the highest standards in terms of energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions as well as effective water and heat management. As for all terminals built in recent years, we want to obtain the BREEAM certificate, which defines the standard of best practices in the sustainable design, construction and use of buildings,” explains Szymon Bielas, CFO North&East Europe DB Schenker.