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Digital World Challenges

DB Schenker, a leading logistics operator, provides services of international general cargo distribution for a new customer, LG Electronics.

Equipment produced by the electronic sector accompanies us wherever we go. The sector itself keeps developing dynamically, introducing numerous innovative solutions that make the companies’ and consumers’ lives easier. The Internet of Things (IoT), automation or 5G network will contribute to the sector development even further and bring about new digital opportunities. They will also facilitate manufacturing processes and enable to react to the customers’ needs faster. The role of logistics consist in ensuring an efficient delivery chain.

In April 2020, DB Schenker started cooperation with LG Electronics, a leading company operating in the electronics sector. The logistics operator delivers electronic devices and the radio and household appliances to the German market from the customer’s distribution center near Wrocław. A key aspect when handling this contract is ensuring an uninterrupted delivery process for LG Electronics. It is effected within the general cargo network of Schenker with 42 terminals in Germany, based on the assumption of high order variability and the required flexibility of the operator.

For such a large volume likely to exceed even 1,000 cubic meters of general cargo shipments a day, DB Schenker proposed creating a fully dedicated and dynamic system for delivery chain management and means of transport planning, Marcin Bryjak, Key Account Manager in DB Schenker explains, adding “We use our extensive experience related to handling electronic sector shipments and available IT technology to that aim.
Our customer is ensured complete control of the shipments in the international general cargo network, with active information on the delivery status and instant response to any deviations.

An aspect of high importance for the customer is the safety of goods and their timely delivery as stipulated in the order. DB Schenker uses its experience also in this aspect, and the service performed for LG Electronics is one of the largest general cargo projects of this operator in Europe.

According to the data from the German Federal Statistical Office and OAOEV, the commercial exchange between Poland and Germany reached the value of EUR 123,4 billion last year. This means 4.2% increase when compared to 2018. High density of line connections in DB Schenker network between Poland and Germany reflects the growing demand for goods’ flow between those countries, Piotr Gola, Deputy Head of Revenue and Product Management in DB Schenker explains, adding “Our customers are offered 16 regular, everyday line connections with Germany for import and export”. All general cargo transport in the said direction is carried out using swap body (BDF) which ensures high flexibility and rapid services provided to the customers.

With around 76,200 employees at more than 2,100 locations in over 130 countries, DB Schenker is one of the world's leading logistics providers. The company operates land, air, and ocean transportation services, and it also offers comprehensive logistics and global supply chain management solutions from a single source.