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Operation of the DB Schenker network during the Feast of Corpus Christi

Dear Madams and Sirs,

     Due to feast of Corpus Christi and a possible break in work in this period in companies in Poland, we would like to inform DB Schenker is going to operate according to the following schedule:

For Domestic services:

         - Shipments accepted for transport on June 19, 2019 shall be delivered to the Consignees on June 21, 2019
         - Shipments accepted for transport on June 21, 2019 shall be delivered to the Consignees on June 24, 2019 

Shipments covered by an additional service: deliver on Saturday shall be delivered on June 22, 2019.

Please check before sending the goods whether your recipients are working on June 21, 2019. This will prevent long-term storage of shipments and their accumulation in our terminals at this time. In this way, we will avoid possible problems in the functioning of the logistics network and your goods will be delivered to the recipients without problems.

For international services:
The shipments shall be delivered based on the schedules for particular countries.

If you have questions, please contact us.