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SENT: New rules for monitoring the carriage of goods

Check whether your goods require notification in SENT in accordance with the Act Nowe przepisy dotyczące monitorowania przewozu towarów

On June 14th 2018 new regulations under the Act on the system of monitoring the carriage of goods by road and rail come into force. Please visit the website to find out whether your goods will require notification in "SENT".

The amendment to the Act is to ensure effective monitoring of the carriage of sensitive goods. The new solutions include:

- carriage by rail covered by the monitoring system,

- medicinal products, foodstuffs intended for special nutritional uses and medical devices at risk of unavailability in Poland covered by the monitoring system,

- more than one consignment covered in a single notification,

- no more grouping of goods in accordance with the Polish Classification of Products and Services (PKWiU) and determining the type of goods only on the basis of the Combined Nomenclature (CN).

The Act requires the entities named in the Act to report, add and update notifications on the carriage of goods in accordance with the specified list on the specially designed online platform PUESC ( – SENT system.

Journal of Laws  

We also recommend keeping on checking for any amendments made to the Act and its secondary legislation.

Furthermore, kindly note that DB Schenker provides tools for entering SENT numbers connected with the dispatch (reference number and key for the carrier) in the delivered order and for printing them on the transport documents. On this basis, new data related to the carriage of a notified consignment are added.

DB Schenker's websites feature a document that regulates the shipping rules of SENT consignments by our company, which is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services:

Shipping Rules for Consignments subject to the Act on Monitoring the Carriage of Goods by Road

Provisions regarding administrative penalties connected with the carriage of goods in the national railway network under that Act will start to apply on 1 August 2018.