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  • Illustration label and mark shipment

    Step 4: Label and Mark

    Clearly and correctly identifying your shipments is important for ensuring that your goods are transported quickly across our network. Below are some key points to take into account:

    How to label your shipment

    Illustration of how to label a shipment

    How to mark your shipment

    The special handling instructions for your shipments must be marked with universal stickers of the appropriate size, shape, and colors, and they must be stuck to the sides of the boxes.

    This makes it much easier and safer for our personnel to see them and respect their instructions when handling them throughout the entire supply chain. Below, you will find some examples of the most commonly used labels:

    Icon to mark a shipment saying This Side Up

    This side up

    The arrows show the direction in which the goods must be transported and handled.

    Icon to mark a shipment saying Fragile Handle With Care

    Fragile, handle with care

    It contains fragile goods that must be handled with care due to the risk of them breaking.

    Icon to mark a shipment saying Keep Dry

    Keep dry

    Goods that are sensitive to moisture; they must not be exposed to the outdoors or wet places.

    Icon to mark a shipment saying Not Stackable

    Not stackable

    The packages cannot be stacked or placed under any other type of goods.

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