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  • Illustration sealing and securing shipments

    Step 3: Seal and Secure

    The main purpose of supplying the correct protection for shipments is to prevent damage to the goods during handling and transport while also ensuring the safety of the people handling them.

    Illustration protection of box with self-sticking tape

    Protect your individual packages

    Seal all the edges on the openings of your boxes (type H) with strong 5-cm-wide self-sticking tape (masking tape, adhesive vinyl or fiber-reinforced tape). Avoid using Kraft paper tape, propylene sellotape, or rope.

    Illustration of reinforced cardboard padding or wrapping

    Protect and secure your goods to the loading unit

    Use the necessary protection elements so that the loading unit does not become damaged on any of its sides. Add reinforced cardboard padding or wrapping to the entire perimeter of the pallet.

    Illustration of protective cardboard or plastic elements on the corners

    Reinforce the protection on the pallet’s edges by placing protective cardboard or plastic elements on the corners and shrink-wrap it all with a plastic reel.

    Straps or shrink-wrapping are the basic methods for securing the load to the pallet and must be used for large items or palletized shipments. The straps can be made of nylon, steel, polyester (PET), or polypropylene. Metal straps are the most suitable for sturdy items, whilst nylon and PET straps are recommended for cardboard boxes and lighter contents.

    Illustration of straps and seals for securing shipments


    • If used correctly, straps are perfect for securing your shipment.
    • If fitting the strap manually, secure the hollow bottom of the pallet upwards to secure the load vertically.
    • Repeat this step in all directions until at least 4 straps are securing the load.
    • Use horizontal edge protectors to prevent the straps from cutting into the boxes.
    • Shrink-wrap the pallet to protect it from damage during transport.
    Illustration of shrink-wrapping for securing shipment


    • Use plastic reels to shrink-wrap to caliber 70. Fix the plastic to the top of the pallet and wrap it down to the base.
    • Shrink-wrap it tightly by turning it horizontally to cover the boxes.
    • Keep shrink-wrapping until at least 50% of the pallet is covered with a second layer of plastic.
    • On the top, cross over the plastic from corner to corner in a zig-zag formation until it is completely covered.
    • To finish, pull it downwards and wrap it around the base of the pallet.
    Illustration securing and protecting specific content goods

    Securing and protecting specific content goods

    Here you can find a series of specific tips for large and heavy items. This will help you protect your shipment and secure it for transport on our network.

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