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Registration refers to damaged packages or goods. Schenker AB's Terms and Conditions of Transport, identical to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015), applies to all agreements and assignments for Transport, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing or other Logistic Services entered into or performed by DB Schenker.

If the claim concerns a missing parcel or missing goods, please contact our customer service here.

DB Schenker's Terms and Conditions of Transport

Assessing liability

Lodge a claim:

•    For Parcel import, contact the shipper.
•    For missing goods/package – contact your nearest DB Schenker office via this link.
•    For damaged goods/package – use the form below:  

Shipment information
Is your claim concerning a parcel shop?
Please enter the Shipment ID or Item ID
Please enter delivery date
Is there a record of the damage on the consignment note? *
Please select one option
Do you have a goods / transport insurance? *
Please select one option
Claimant (making the claim)
Who is the claimant? *
Please select one option
Please enter the claimant’s name
Please add the claimant’s address
Please add a ZIP code
Please add a city
Please add a phone number
Please add an email address
Describe the damage
Please add type of product
Please add number of damaged goods (use numbers only)
Please add weight of the damage package (-s) in kg
Type of damage? *
Please enter type of damage
Please describe the product packaging
Please describe the damage
Pictures of the damage
Please upload a photo of the damage in one of the formats jpeg, png or gif. The file size limit is 8 mb.
The extent of the damage *
Please select at least one option

Specify your claims for damages in SEK. If the claims is not known at the time of the notification, make an estimate. In the event of a complete claim, attach a commercial invoice or other document, receipt etc. to prove your claim.

Please add your claims in SEK (use numbers only)
Trade invoice, receipt or other document
Please upload a file in one of the following formats: jpeg-image, png-image, gif-image, Word-file, Excel-file, PowerPoint-file, PDF-file or a compressed file package. The file size limit is 2 mb.
Accounting for VAT
Account details for an eventual payment
Where is the goods located in case of inspection?

Add the address and contact details below if they differ from the claimant. It is important that you do not return, sell, discard or repair the goods without first contacting us. The packaging must remain.