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    Send parcels and goods

    Skicka Enkelt

    At Skicka Enkelt, you calculate the price and book your shipment online. Fast, simple and flexible.

    I want to book a shipment on Skicka Enkelt

    Questions and answers: Send parcels and goods

    • Go to Skicka Enkelt and click on ”Calculate price and book”

      Then go through the following steps:

      • Fill in the length, width, height and weight of your package
      • Then fill in the sender's postal code and whether you want to leave the package at a service point, at a terminal or - if you are an entrepreneur - have it picked up at your business address
      • In the next step, you fill in the recipient's postal code and whether you wish the package to be picked up at a service point/terminal or if the shipment is to be delivered directly to the recipient's address
      • Now you see the shipping cost
      • You then fill in all the information in the sender and receiver fields that are marked with "mandatory"
      • The "Add and Pay" button will turn green, and you can complete your booking!

    • No, but Blocket has a service called Blocketpaket where we only manage the transport. Please take a look there!

    • It depends on how big the bike is.

      Maximum dimensions and maximum weight:

      • Length: 120 cm
      • Width: 80 cm
      • Height: 130 cm
      • Weight: 999 kilo

      Go to the footer of Skicka Enkelt and click on the Parcel, Prices & Terms link. There you can read more about what you can, and cannot, send.

    • If your sender has not attached a return paper, maybe you will be responsible for the return cost by yourself.

      Go to Skicka Enkelt and make a booking. There you choose how the parcel should be delivered, and if you're not sure how your sender wants the return, we recommend you check with them first.

    • The maximum length you can book as a private person is 120 centimeters. Otherwise it is the volume of the parcel that determines.

    Receive a delivery

    Collect from service point or at terminal

    Service points are, for example, convenience stores, grocery stores or gas stations. Our service points can be found both on the countryside and in cities all over Sweden. At our terminals you collect larger and heavier parcels or goods.

    Find service point and terminal

    Identify yourself with BankID, Freja eID or “regular” identification.

    • Give the serial number (four digits) from the notification when you pick up your parcel.

    • When the parcel is ready for pick up, you will get a text message with a link that leads to identification with BankID. A QR code is then created, and you show the QR code to the service point. You can send the QR code to someone else, who then can pick up your parcel without showing identification.

    • Freja is an e-identification that can be used to log in to e-services and prove your identity in real-life situations instead of an identification card.

      Read more about Freja eID here

    Delivery to box

    When your parcel is available for pick up in the parcel box, you will receive a notification via SMS. You need to install an app from iBoxen (our partner for box deliveries). You open the locker by identifying with BankID in the app.

    Download iBoxen app from the App Store

    Download iBoxen app from Google Play

    The parcel boxes

    The parcel boxes have at least 16 boxes in different sizes. The parcel boxes are outside where many people pass by or lives. You must have a mobile bankID on the same phone as you have the iBoxen app installed.

    Click here to get to FAQ about iBoxen.

    Delivery all weekdays

    We deliver to the boxes every weekday and the boxes are available 24/7.

    Home delivery

    For home delivery, you will receive a text message where you can choose between three delivery days.

    Leave outside my door

    If you ordered home delivery, you don´t need to be home to receive the parcel. Instead, you can choose “left outside your door”. You sign the choice "leave outside my door" with BankID and receive your delivery on the selected date.

    Q&A: Receive parcels and goods

    • You can track your shipment here by entering the ID Number.
      We normally deliver between 07:00 and 16:00 on weekdays, and you can find delivery to your area in our tour list.

    • The standard time is 14 days unless otherwise agreed.

    • Yes, you can. Contact your sender and ask them to send us a written request and we will sort it out.

    • Which service point the parcel ends up at depends on the service point's area. Some senders give you the opportunity to choose a service point. Otherwise, the sender can email us and we can redirect the parcel to another service point. This can only be done when the parcel has arrived to the service point.

      See which service point you belong to

    • Yes! If you sign with BankID. Then you get a QR code to show to the service point and you can share it with any person, who can pick up your parcel without showing identification.

    • No, you don't have to be of legal age. However, you must have a valid ID to collect parcels.

    • If the recipient has signed with BankID, a QR code is all that is needed to pick up parcels.

    • When we deliver to a private individual, we notify you a day before delivery.

    • No, we deliver on non-holiday weekdays.

    • Contact the sender and ask them to contact us about changing the name. As soon as we receive an email from the sender with the new contact details, we make the change and notify the service point.

      The sender can email the name change to customer service.

      • SIS marked ID card and service card
      • ID card by Skatteverket
      • National ID card, issued by Swedish police
      • Swedish driver's license
      • Swedish EU passport
      • Foreign national ID card (in the Schengen area)
      • Foreign EU passport
      • Foreign passport, outside the EU
      • Nordic driving license*
      • BankID
      • Freja eID

      *Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

    Questions? Ask our customer service!

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