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How can you benefit from our position as market leaders?

We offer, develop and produce transport. In addition to this, we also have leading edge expertise within logistics and information services. After nearly 100 years in operation we have extensive experience, and today we are the Sweden's market leaders.

For you, this means that we can always meet your needs and challenges - regardless of whether you are a company or a private person.

For companies, we can offer logistics solutions all the way from supplier to final customer. Together, we will find the best logistics solution - from truck, rail, sea and air transport to third and fourth party logistics and tough consulting assignments.

We can offer private customers safe and quick delivery to our large network of agents throughout the entire country.

For us, combined shipments with goods and packages are a given and the backbone of our entire business. We call it collective traffic for goods. That is our foundation and it means that we can find the best solution with sustainability and economy in focus.

This is why we are market leaders

  • We are where you and your customers are
  • Knowledgeable and motivated personnel
  • Advanced logistics services; third-party logistics, flow logistics, green logistics
  • Wide basic range of services
  • Emphasis on quality - ISO 9001
  • Active environmental efforts - ISO 14001
  • Nationwide network and frequent departures