#BrexitAndBeyond: Customer Updates

The new customs procedures, due to Brexit, still has an impact on transports to and from the UK. Hence, our schedule to the UK is not applicable. As a consequence, DB SCHENKERsystem premium and the addon Fix day are not bookable for shipments to the UK.

DB Schenker recommends that all companies that trade between the UK and mainland Europe to be prepared:

On the right side of this page you may find all the necessary information that will help you to prepare in the best possible way for the post-Brexit situation. If you need further support, DB Schenker will be happy to help you.

Together we keep Europe and your business moving!


DB Schenker is preparing to support through Brexit – Oliver Bohm (Chief Commercial Officer Europe), Chris Clayton (Brexit Program Lead), Julie Heard (Chief Commercial Officer Cluster UK & IE) and Ray Hennessy (Cluster CEO UK & IE) give an insight on the road ahead, when it comes to Brexit preparedness.

As of December 8, 2020 – this information is supplied without liability.