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CarryPick - automated e-commerce inventory management system

CarryPick is a warehouse management system with automated robots. Anders Holmberg, Head of Business Development, explains how the whole thing works.

What is CarryPick?
— The CarryPick is self-propelled robots that pick up mobile shelves and deliver them to picking stations where the products are picked and packaged.

How does it work?
— When an order is made in, for example, a web shop, a customer order is sent to a picking station via the warehouse management system. The picking station sends the order to a robot in the warehouse, that collects the shelves with the ordered products. Then the robot drives the shelf to a packing station where the products are packed and sent by one of our employees.

How does the robot find the right shelf?
— It gets the information from the picking station and finds the shelf by reading QR codes covering the floor in the warehouse.

How does the robot transport the shelf?
— It goes in under the shelf and lifts it up and drive it to the picking station. Once there, a lamp lights up at the compartment where the product to be sent is located. The employee who packs can easily pick it and the robot then returns the shelf.

What are the main benefits?
— Instead of the employees picking from the warehouse shelves, whole shelf sections are delivered to the picking stations. It increases productivity, saves floor space, minimizes the risk of errors and makes it easier to switch up in capacity when the needs are increased.

— Other benefits include reduced personnel costs, a constant flow of goods picking and details such as that the warehouse does not have to be heated or illuminated in the same way as if people were working in the same environment.

How many items are the robots able to handle?
— For one of our customers, 65 robots handled 30,000 items on 1,500 shelves. For one year, a million orders were issued from only seven packing stations.

How large was the warehouse?
— The building covered 30,000 square meters of warehouse space, of which 6,000 square meters were reserved for the CarryPick system. With high efficiency and flexibility, the CarryPick solution increased staff productivity by up to 60 percent while maximizing space savings by about 20 percent.