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Schenker Åkeri AB – one of Sweden's largest haulage companies

Schenker Åkeri is one of Sweden's largest haulage companies with approximately 1,100 employees and 1,100 vehicles. The company was established in 2002 and handles long-distance transport and distribution throughout the country.

We at Schenker Åkeri work actively to reduce climate impact by investing in vehicles, fuel and technology that are independent of fossil fuels. We work closely with both vehicle suppliers and fuel manufacturers to manage the transition in the best way.

All our drivers are CPC-trained (certificate of professional competence) to drive as fuel-efficiently as possible, benefiting both the environment and the economy. Through monthly follow-up of our vehicles, we monitor fuel consumption and the use of driver support. We have limited our idling via automatic shut-off and restricted the speed allowed on tachographs to reduce our environmental impact.

Thanks to these measures, we have succeeded in reducing our emissions by approximately 40 percent since 2010 – significantly better than current Swedish legal requirements.

Are you a driver?

We know that safety is an important issue for our drivers. That's why it is something we are investing a little extra in. It is self-evident that you should have collective agreement, fixed working hours and always be entitled to breaks.

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Tomas Johansson 
Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Nilsson
Head of Finance and Controlling

Håkan Berntsson 
Head of Production

Lars-Åke Sandblom 
Head of Production Development

Jonas Jävert
Head of Innovation & Purchasing

Marie Dahl
CEO assistant & Communications Manager

Victor Olsson
P&O Manager

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Schenker Åkeri is actively working to dismantle all handling of supplier invoices in paper format.

We therefore want e-invoices from new suppliers. If you have questions about our e-invoice concept then you can get in touch with our partner Pagero AB via telephone 010-457 68 00 or via their website You are also welcome to contact Schenker Åkeri AB's CFO Andreas Nilsson.

Schenker Åkeri AB
Andreas Nilsson
Chief Financial Officer
Box 4110
422 04 Hisings Backa

Tel: 0721-43 18 78

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