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Our API’s

API stands for Application Programming interface.

Please display the DB Schenker logo in the area where you plan to integrate our e-services, according to our terms and conditions. A link to our logo can be found in the right hand column. We also recommend that you read through our introduction documents about the technical part of integrating an e-service, located to the right.

In case of problems with calls:

1. Make sure you entered the correct login details (User ID and Password) if the e-service requires authorization. You can apply for login rights by filling out the "authorization request" on the left side of the Integrated e-Services menu.
2. Make sure your call is formatted according to the specification / API applicable to for that particular e-service.
3. If everything looks right despite this, you can help troubleshoot your completed call by sending a copy of the call e-support.

Do you have a system vendor that integrated DB Schenker's e-services? Contact the support desk at your system vendor to report errors and for assistance.

Pricing displays transport costs according to your customer agreement. Please note that both e-services require authorization as they are based on your unique customer agreement. You can apply for eligibility on the right or via the menu on the left.

Pricing Sweden displays the cost for your domestic system shipments and domestic and international parcel shipments. You also have the option of making a surcharge as a percentage if you are to re-invoice the cost of the transport.

Pricing Europe displays the costs of your international shipments according to the agreement.

Below are the API’s for both e-services.

API for Pricing Sweden v. 4.1.5

API for Pricing Europe

Integrating Booking enables you to book pick-up of a domestic transport from your own IT system. However, the integration does not allow you to create transport documents or send electronic transport instructions, which is the final transport order. For these two functions, we always recommend one of our certified and approved Transport Administrative systems (TA systems).

Contact us if you want to know more about the integration

Tracking can be integrated in several different ways depending on your needs.

Click here if you want to show the latest transport events for your sender/recipient

To customize your solution to view the current shipment, use one of the links below:

Please contact us if you have other needs.

Track your parcel shop shipments by entering the shipment number (ten digits), package number (eighteen digits) or any reference from the sender.

API for parcel shop deliveries

Parcel shop register via web service

To provide consumers with the option to choose their own parcel shop via an online store, we offer this web service, which returns parcel shop data in XML format. Search can be done either by postcode or by city. In this web service, you can also get information about opening hours, whether debit cards can be used, as well as the geographical position, ie coordinates etc.

API/documentation for this web service can be found on the right. The method to be called is SearchCollectionPoint. In addition, the GetCollectionPointInfo method can also be used to retrieve information about a specific parcel shop.

Examples of search results in XML, via search by postcode:

<DisplayName>Otterhällans Jourlivs</DisplayName>
<AddressLine1>Lasarettsgatan 2</AddressLine1>
<OpenHours>M-F 9-21, L-S 10-21</OpenHours>
<OpenHours1>Må-Fr 9-21</OpenHours1>
<OpenHours2>Lö-Sö 10-21</OpenHours2>
<CardName>Tar bankkort</CardName>


Please note that the following conditions apply to the use of all e-services:

API for parcel shop registers

Our new map search provides your customers with the ability to pick their own parcel shop.

Documentation to integrate the map on your site: Integrate map (PDF)

Download sample code: Sample code map (PDF)

To use the map search, registration is required against the domain on which the map is used, for example Registration