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This is how you order label material

When you use Standardized Transport labels (STL) in connection with transports that are ordered with us, the information below applies.
The transport labels should be seen as an addition or a clarification to the industry standard information that is described in the document Standardized Transport Labels. The document is from e-Com Logistics, or through their website. The clarification applies to the instruction block which cannot be made common for the industry due to different systems, service offerings, etc. The addition to the industry standard is in regards to the use of a receipt (see below) and that the postal code is obligatory. Otherwise the industry standard applies.

For DB SCHENKERparcel this means that STL must be used with the addition specified (the label is equipped with a removable receipt, see an example below).

For DB SCHENKERsystem, DB SCHENKERdirect and DB SCHENKERcoldsped this means that STL must be used as an address label for marking goods and that a traditional waybill must be issued according to applicable transport terms.

Appearance shall follow guidelines for STL.

Bar codes
A test printout of bar codes must be verified by an independent party who would then issue a certificate.

Information content
The correctness of the information content shall be verified by us.

New applications must be approved by us before they are accepted for use

An example of STL with receipt (for DB SCHENKERparcel


An example of STL with space for optional flags (for DB SCHENKERsystem, DB SCHENKERdirect and DB SCHENKERcoldsped)

eschenker-etikett2 ​​​​​​​

There are two unique number series that are needed to create an approved transport document for DB Schenker.

  1. Shipment ID - Shipment number series for goods and packages. A unique number series for each shipment. A shipment may contain several packages. To order a new number series for a shipment ID. Click here to order number series (in Swedish only | opens in a new window)
  2. Package ID - Number series for each package according to GS1 SSCC. There can be several packages in a shipment. With questions regarding GS1 SSCC/Package ID contact GS1 Sweden.

Both of the above number series must be unique for at least 18 months.