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Consulting services within logistics area

At Schenker Consulting, we offer everything from logistics analyses to project management and business development. We work independently and have the freedom to suggest solutions that are not connected to our parent company.

Thanks to our connection to one of the world's largest logistics groups, we have the possibility to use the competence and experience of the entire DB Schenker's organization as needed in different projects.

This is what we work with:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategy and Business Management
  • Organization and Business Development
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Process Development

In addition, we have access to unique tools, among these is simulating transport and storage costs and impact on the environment. Another great benefit for you is that we can verify that our logistics solutions are realistic -  to reduce the risk that the project results in a theoretical product.

Why you should choose us

  • DB Schenker's competence and experience as your backbone
  • Freedom to suggest all kinds of solutions
  • Access to unique tools