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Which advantages do I receive as a contract customer?

With our e-services you can schedule transport around the clock, track shipments and get complete statistics about your transport costs.

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Credit & invoice
Get an invoice once a week by email. You avoid difficulties with cards, cash outlays and can easily enter everything in your bookkeeping.

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1. Get a quote by filling in the form below, so we can start with your particular needs and send a price quote via email.

2. If you are satisfied with the price, click on the button “Yes, thank you” and you will automatically become a customer.

3. Within two days, you will receive your customer number, access to eSchenker and information about how you get going and book your first transport. 

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Vänligen fyll i e-post för kontaktpersonen.
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Du måste välja minst ett transportsätt, glöm inte att ange antal sändningar