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  • DB Schenker employee carrying a parcel walking along a DB Schenker truck that is parked in behind trees and green grass
    • Udržateľnosť ESG

    Udržateľné podnikanie spoločnosti

    Mať udržateľného partnera je dnes dôležitejšie ako kedykoľvek predtým.

    For generations to come

    150 years ago, we were beginners in every way. Today we are again. As a company and as an industry, we face enormous challenges that require us to change how we all work and live. There is no single solution – we know that. Everything we do now can only be the beginning.

    • 350

      sustainability initiatives

    • 4

      sustainable products

    • 180 000

      to save 180,000 tons of CO2e by 2025*

    * The indicated CO2e savings are only regarding our target of reaching 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

    Your business deserves to be in tune with tomorrow

    That’s why we’re ready to hit the road toward sustainable logistics. We believe that sustainable logistics requires a movement. We want to join forces and tackle these challenges with you – as we need every hand on deck to create a sustainable and worthwhile future.

    Airplane with DB Schenker logo on it Pozrieť video

    Our commitment

    New paths are created by walking. We’ve realized that we must change course – even more than we currently do – to preserve the world as we know it. Environmentally, socially and governance-minded. 

    We’re aware that this is a historic task. But we’re convinced that we will succeed if we all pitch in. We’re ready to take responsibility. For us and for others. We will move forward with courage in the transport and logistics industry to become more sustainable, transparent, and accountable in everything we do. We strive to grow our business through supporting our employees, customers, and society in the most sustainable way – to ensure a better future for our planet and future generations.

    "We believe this challenge can’t be solved alone but needs joint efforts by participants in the supply chain ecosystem."

    Jochen Thewes / Chief Executive Officer

    See our acts and facts

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