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    Information Technology

    Information Technology Fuels Our Innovation

    We work hard every day to make this world a better place by ensuring swift operations. 

    Guess who makes that happen for us? Our information technology teams. 

    We are the true masterminds. We are the innovators. We bring the pieces of a puzzle together and come up with solutions that shape the way we operate. We allow our global company to operate without any hiccups and never get held up in bottlenecks irrespective of the time zone. 

    From Desktop Support, Systems & Networking Engineering and Application Management, to developing high-end enterprise software that offers customers and internal partners the highest service level in the industry – we work together as a team to integrate the newest technology in innovative ways.

    If you are filled with the energy to make an impact and help us create an environment that drives future growth – consider your career with us.

    We also have a lot of fun at work and make sure to bring the best out of you. Apply to our openings now and become a part of this dynamic and hardworking organization!

    Are you ready to get techie?

    Fun-filled days, training schedules, growth opportunities, and sheer hard work.

    These are the things that best define a day of work in our IT departments.

    If you are willing to unleash and share your ideas and innovations, then our organization is the best option for you to choose.

    If you wish to be at the forefront of innovative logistics IT solutions, then our organization is the best option for you to choose.

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    We're taking a new approach when it comes to IT. This allows you to learn new things continuously and evolve in your career. With us, you get to:

    • Innovate with the latest technologies
    • Play fair by being honest in your dealings
    • Enjoy our support, recognition, and respect 
    • Win together, work together, and have fun together
    • Push your limits and unlock your true potential

    Selected Job Offers

    Съгласие за използване на "бисквитки" и събиране на данни

    Ние използваме "бисквитки", за да оптимизираме уебсайта си и да го подобряваме непрекъснато. Затова, наред и с други, ние използваме  Adobe Analytics. Като продължавате да използвате този сайт, Вие се съгласявате с използването на "бисквитки". Можете да намерите допълнителна информация за "бисквитките" и как да се откажете от съгласието си, в нашата политика за поверителност.

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    Нашата декларация за поверителност има за цел да гарантира, че сте напълно наясно със събирането и обработката на данни, включително чрез използването на "бисквитки" чрез нашите сайтове, и че можете да вземете подходящо информирани решения. Въпреки това, можете да промените настройките на "бисквитките" по всяко време.

    Моля, вижте допълнителна информация в рамките на правилата ни за поверителност на данните.