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Roosevelt Preserve - Freeport, NY Facility - April 2017

Freeport Site visits Roosevelt Preserve for a major Earth Month clean-up!

This preserve had been off the grid for quite some time due to its hidden location and filth factor.  The Parks and Recreations Department of Nassau County had forgotten all about this preserve and had not sent any representatives to assist with its upkeep... and it showed.

Tucked away deep within a residential neighborhood in Roosevelt, NY, it was being used as a dumping ground.  Instead of showcasing its 100 varieties of birds and more than a dozen mammal species, the majority of your stroll along its dingy path net you with misplaced shopping carts, destroyed car parts, used paper plates, broken furniture, and a myriad of bottles to name a few.    

The overall beauty and appeal of the preserve was gone.  Not only was the rubbish an eyesore, but it also interfered with the everyday living of its inhabitants.  What was really saddening to see was the little turtle swimming in the preserve’s brook.  Keeping the place in the condition it was in was not fair for this little guy, along with his other potential friends and family members.


On April 28th, employees from the Freeport site volunteered 1.5 hours of their time and helped make Roosevelt Preserve a cleaner and more inviting place to visit!  Students from Roosevelt High School’s “Green Warriors” brigade, along with members of several other Environmental Organizations were on site as well, clearing up the already existing trails in different parts of the massive preserve.    

The Freeport pack was led by Deniz Tanacan, fully equipped with his water resistant overalls.  His personal goal for the effort was met, which was to hop into the water and remove the two shopping carts, along with the hundreds of bottles that were blockading the natural flow of the brook.  Members of his squad succeeded with their goals as well, working together and diligently picking up a whole big mess of waste alongside the quarter-mile trail. 

At the end of the effort, a grand total of approximately 645 pounds of waste was collected!  This is the most waste that has been collected at one of their efforts… ever! 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all that participated! More clean-ups to come this year!