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Two teams, one goal: Fundraising for SOS Kinderdorf e. V.

On August 23rd in the afternoon at the DB Casino, there was that wonderful “freshly baked cake” smell in the air.  The Teams of Patrick Oestreich and Simon Mikat from Schenker Europe GmbH were busy baking tasty cakes and cookies which they then later sold to colleagues and employees of the several companies which are based in the Alpha Rotex building in Frankfurt.

Overall the Teams not only reached their fundraising goal but went on to exceed the 1000 EUR mark!

Therefore, many thanks for the contribution at the cake sale and the additional donations given by co-workers, companies of the Alpha Rotex and the Schenker community!

But more was to come: On August 29th, the Teams also spent a whole day with the kids from the SOS Kinderdorf day care facility. Everyone took part, playing games together like soccer goal-shoot, apple fishing, bobbing, having a water bomb battle and the children were transformed to Butterflies, Spiderman, Batman or Unicorns at the kid’s make-up sessions.

Kids and Schenker team alike experienced a truly extraordinary day: Perfect weather, lots of fun and happy little painted princess or super hero faces. It was amazing how fast the kids got involved and placed their trust in the teams. While reflecting on the event at the end of the day both teams realized that there is so much we can learn from kids: To trust each other which will then transfer good work to BIGGER, BETTER and FASTER results!

Amongst the fun, we took time to formally present a cheque to the SOS Kinderdorf organization for the money raised from the cake sale.

About the organization: SOS Kinderdorf e. V. is an independent, non-governmental international development organization which has been working to meet the needs, and protect the interests and rights, of children since 1949.

Both the teams involved and SOS Kinderdorf e. V. would like to thank everyone for the support given! Special thanks to DB Casino, Alpha Rotex for kind use of their kitchen and support given during the “cake production”.