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City logistics - Depot in the city center creates better urban environment

In the pilot project City Logistics, DB Schenker has managed to reduce traffic with heavy vehicles in the inner city of Gothenburg. The result shows lower emissions, less noise and increased public access. 

From November 2016 to September 2017, we managed a project together with TGM AB, Gothenburg City, the truck manufacturer Linde and NTM (Network for Transport Measures) at DB Schenker. The project was carried out by placing a container centrally at Kungstorget in Gothenburg. It functioned as a goods depot and was filled once a day. From the depot, the goods were then distributed with smaller vehicles to the recipients inside the center. We evaluated various transport scenarios from the depot to the end customer, of which the former was practically tested while the last two were theoretical evaluations; Delivery with a smaller diesel-powered vehicle - both individually and in combination with deliveries on foot using truck, HVO and electricity respectively. 

The results show that the environmental impact is significantly reduced by the use of a centrally located depot. Particularly clear was the varied environmental impact between the different scenarios, mainly because of which fuel was used. The layout can also generally improve the sound environment and increase accessibility in the city center. - This is fully in line with what the City of Gothenburg wants and we have had a good cooperation. We have presented our final report for them and the hope is that we can develop all or part of the project to jointly improve the urban environment, says Emelie Klasson at DB Schenker Consulting.