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DB Schenker and Einride initiates cooperation with self-driving truck in Sweden

The world’s first autonomous full-electric truck on public road will be tested in Sweden when DB Schenker and Einride initiates a pilot.  DB Schenker and Einride will install the world's first autonomous, electrically powered transport system for heavy transport on public roads.

DB Schenker and Einride have signed an agreement regarding the transport system of the future. Given that permission is granted by the Swedish Transport Agency, the pilot will start. Einride's T-pod – a self-driving, battery-powered vehicle - will then be installed at DB Schenker in Jönköping. The vehicle will operate a route between two of DB Schenker's facilities, partly on public road.

- Electric and autonomous trucks are two key technologies that will revolutionize the global transport and logistics market. We are pleased that we have the opportunity to test a combination of these two future technologies in collaboration with Einride at such an early stage. This partnership is part of our overall strategy to drive innovative solutions to deliver the best quality and service to our customers in the future, ”says Ewald Kaiser, member of the board of DB Schenker.

- The cooperation gives us the opportunity to create a sustainable transport system and to develop both DB Schenker and Einride for the future. The rapid development in battery technology and AI enables greatly reduced emissions, increased cost efficiency and increased traffic safety - a future that we like to be a part of, says Mats Grundius.

The agreement concerns a pilot installation with options for installations for DB Schenker globally.

- Road transport accounts for a large part of the emissions of carbon dioxide and hazardous particles. We are very pleased with the collaboration with DB Schenker, which shows leadership and the will to push the transition to a sustainable transport system, says Robert Falck, CEO of Einride.

About the T-pod

The T-pod is self-driving but will be monitored by an operator who can, if necessary, remotely control the vehicle. An operator can control several vehicles simultaneously. The cargo capacity is about 20 tons and the range about 200 km on one charge

About Einride

Einride is a Swedish tech company, founded in 2016 by Robert Falck and Filip Lilja. Einride develops technology and services for automated and sustainable transport. Since the start, Einride has attracted international attention for the so-called T-pod - the world's first truck developed for full-electric and autonomous use. In addition to the T-pod, Einride develops a remote control system, charging stations and infrastructure that make the system the most groundbreaking of its kind