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High Capacity Transport

Through High Capacity Transports (HCT), DB Schenker conducts field tests with new truck sizes and vehicle combinations. The project is run together with Volvo, the Swedish Transport Administration, CLOSER (via Lindholmen Science Park), Wabco and others. 

The purpose of the project is to investigate how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the number of heavy vehicles on the roads by means of vehicle combinations with higher capacity than is permitted today. Since 2012 DB Schenker Sweden and external parties have tested different combinations of longer & heavier vehicles (> 25.25m> 64 tonnes). Experiments are conducted under regulations & dispensations from the Swedish Transport Agency. 

Field tests are performed in daily operations with DUO trailer (2 semi-trailers) of 32 meters between Gothenburg and Malmö by Schenker Åkeri, a wholly owned subsidiary of Schenker AB. DB Schenker Consulting coordinates the project on behalf of DB Schenker. 

Some benefits of participating in the project: 

  • Influence future legislation to ensure socio-economic benefits 
  • Contributes to set environmental goals 2030 for reducing CO2 emissions 
  • Experience of the influence of HCT technology on existing transport systems 
  • Reducing the number of vehicles on the road, which reduces noise, road wear, accident risk and transport costs 

The government has recently published information that the Swedish Transport Administration has been commissioned to analyze where and where longer trucks should be allowed on Sweden's roads and to produce proposals for constitutional amendments to allow longer trucks. The purpose is to increase transport efficiency and reduce the climate impact of freight transport. The assignment for the Swedish Transport Administration shall be reported to the Ministry of Industry on March 31, 2019