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DenCity - quiet and emission-free transport in urban enrvironment

The challenge for future urban planning is to create an attractive and sustainable urban environment with efficient handling of freight and passenger transport. 

DB Schenker participates in DenCity - a project that plans to test a silent zero-emission distribution vehicle - a completely electric distribution truck. In early 2019 you can see the electric truck distributing refrigerated goods to COOP stores around Gothenburg. 

A vibrant city is dependent on good access to service, services, workplaces, stores and housing. The project collaborates with industry, academia and society to develop ideas on how to provide sustainable person and goods mobility in districts with limited spaces for vehicles, while at the same time achieving high demands on sustainable housing. "Zero emission deliveries" is one of five sub-projects within DenCity, which is run by CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg and partly financed by Vinnova. DB Schenker participates in the project together with AB Volvo, COOP and the City of Gothenburg. The haulier TGM is also an important participant in the project. DB Schenker Consulting coordinates the project on behalf of DB Schenker. The purpose is to reach zero emissions of emissions and reduce noise by using an electric vehicle. This type of innovation is an important part of the design of new areas in Gothenburg, such as Frihamnen, where housing, service points, offices and shops will co-operate on a small area