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    Express Products

    Time-definite air freight when every second counts

    Give your express air freight cargo the best of times and book your next consignment with DB SCHENKER jetxpress. It’s all you need for fast global delivery with the sophisticated features you’d expect from a premium product service portfolio.

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    DB SCHENKER jetxpress gold : fast meets fabulous

    Your premium door-to-door solution for express freight consignments with global coverage and the shortest transit times for express shipments. Ideal for when goals have to be reached faster.

    Two employees looking at table while standing in front of an airplane in an aircraft construction hall

    DB SCHENKER jetxpress silver : competitive cost advantage

    Discover our powerful standard solution for all your express needs. The right choice when you have a little more time but the same high expectations.

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      Make your cargo selection and give us the details.

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      Prices and available schedules will be processed. Following that, you can select your offer.

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      Book the request

      Fill in your booking details to request a booking. Then you will find a booking summary on your dashboard.

    A premium offer for air freight cargo with high expectations

    Wanting it all is never a problem with DB SCHENKER jetxpress. Whether the gold or silver option, you can expect an exceptional level of fast, reliable door-to-door service. Our portfolio of time-definite air freight services ensures that your international and national express services are always reliable, flexible, and efficient. And because you determine the speed, you’re always in control of your cargo’s shipment timetable. Enjoy greater reach with scheduled connections around the globe. Our network of worldwide corporate offices and pool of air freight experts ensure that whatever DB SCHENKER jetxpress product you choose – you’ll be more than satisfied.

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