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    • Smart Logistics

    How We Do It

    We identify specific problems within our organization that we can address through our core strengths.

    Using specific pain points from the business world, we scan the startup landscape worldwide to identify and evaluate the best solutions. We initiate and empower pilots for startup solutions in business with the goal to scale it across countries, regions or business units and functional units.

    Our process

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    Strategic fields and pains

    We collect, understand, and process points to identify key challenges. By applying strategic scenarios, we create effective solutions that align with business objectives. As we execute the business strategy, we continually stay informed about technology trends to ensure adaptability and innovation.

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    Solution sourcing

    We actively search for startups that offer solutions to validated business problems within DB SCHENKER. Additionally, we passively stay up to date about leading startups in logistics, supply chain management and relevant functions to remain aware of emerging trends and potential partnerships.

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    Solution evaluation

    We pre-filter startups using a comprehensive criteria list before introducing them to our business units or functional units. This ensures that only the most relevant and promising startups are considered for potential collaboration. Moreover, when a problem is validated, we conduct a thorough competitor analysis to identify the best partners available in the market, ensuring a strategic and well-informed decision-making process.

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    Pilot steering

    We provide extensive support during pilot preparation, offering administrative and methodological guidance to set the stage for successful pilot projects. Throughout the pilot execution, we play a facilitating role, ensuring smooth operations and laying the groundwork for the next steps through our well-structured pilot review format. This approach allows us to learn from the pilot outcomes and make informed decisions for scaling or further improvements.

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    Solution portfolio

    We actively facilitate the scaling of successful pilot solutions by creating awareness and providing our business and functional units with the chance to pitch these solutions to other relevant business areas. Additionally, we maintain a proactive approach by regularly revisiting the scaled solutions to track and evaluate their impact, ensuring continuous improvement and effectiveness.

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