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2017-06 CV_Schenker BeNeLux Roparun_2

DB Schenker BeNeLux – Roparun

Roparun: 520 km and 40 Belgian and Dutch colleagues in adventure for life

The Roparun is a relay race in which people work as a team to give a combined sports performance to raise money for people who suffer from cancer. Highly motivated DB Schenker colleagues took part. 2017-06 CV_Schenker BeNeLux Roparun_2

Two mixed teams (some 40 Belgian and Dutch DB Schenker colleagues) took part in the charity run from Paris to Rotterdam (520 kilometers!), raising money for the Roparun for projects in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The teams left Paris on the afternoon of Saturday, June 3rd 2017 and arrived in Rotterdam two days later, on Monday June 5th after running and cycling day and night through France, Belgium and the Netherlands. 2017-06 CV_Schenker BeNeLux Roparun_2

The challenge: Each team must have a minimum of two cyclists and a number of people forming a support team. This includes drivers, medics, caterers and road captains. The teams themselves are responsible for filling these roles. Besides the physical challenge, the team must also make an effort to raise money for the cause. 2017-06 CV_Schenker BeNeLux Roparun_2

In the end, the DB Schenker team raised an impressive amount of money and accomplished this challenge together. Congratulations! Win together; be one team with one goal! Our colleagues did it!