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DB Schenker USA - Making the Future

In 2015 a team of DB Schenker colleagues in New York rolled up their sleeves in a small preserve in the community due to an environment that was in need of some serious assistance.

Hidden within the community, this 25-acre preserve contained a myriad of graffiti on its trees, benches and bridge, and a long winding path blocked off with overgrown wild greens, making it impossible for a visitor to walk from one end of the preserve to the other without getting pricked by an army of thorns. With the help of some co-workers and members of a local Boy Scout Troop, the colleagues took some time out of their Saturday and gave the site the makeover that it deserved.

Fast forward to 2016 when one of the colleagues revisited the site in August and was disappointed to see that the hard work had not been maintained. The graffiti was back, wild greens blocked the path once again and trash was scattered all throughout. All the hard work from one year before should not just go to waste!  So, a crew was assembled to revisit the preserve and provide it with the attention that it deserved. 

The turnout was impressive!  A bit over 20 participants, a mix of adults, boy scouts and a girl scout worked together to clean up the area and make it again a nice place to enjoy the nature. In three hours of time, four benches were sanded and repainted, the path from start to finish was opened up, a bridge was wire brushed, degreased and repainted, the entrance sign was cleaned and the litter was collected. Job well done! A big thanks to all that participated and the great team effort!