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DB Schenker Korea Voluntary Service Club

DB Schenker in Korea is voluntarily helping to serve dinner for the homeless every month since 2008. In support of DB Schenker Korea management, we provide special support to take 100% of expense for member’s dinner at service day. This small gesture of kindness we show will enable the homeless to experience the joy of warmth, love and hope.

On a fixed day, each month, a church provides warm foods and DB Schenker Korea voluntary service club helps the preparation and serving dinner for homeless people such as arranging tables and chairs and serving the meal. Each time we serve between 150-300 homeless with a warm meal. Besides the financial support for providing the meals, there are additional donation events, in which we have raised e.g. clothing or rice which was handed over to those in need.

As the service is driven by individual members’ voluntary contribution, there are around 30 members in the Voluntary Service club. At each occasion 7-9 members participate and help with the service.


DB Schenker Korea Voluntary Service Club will continue our long-lasting initiative to providing the joyful voluntary service and donations with love and hope to those members of society that are most in need.