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Inspiring women of DB Schenker contribute to our diversity of thought

With a diverse workforce and a high representation of female executives and employees, DB Schenker promotes a culture of inclusion and belonging for all to develop and grow in. 

“Having a diverse workforce is not enough. Creating an inclusive environment for our diverse workforce to thrive in, is the key to unlock greater creativity, innovation, and groundbreaking solutions for our customers. An integral part of building such an inclusive culture is showcasing our talented employees and their personal stories and celebrating both our similarities and our differences.” says Leandri Meyer, Program Manager Diversity and Inclusion. 

Without a doubt, women have come a long way in taking up their rightful place in society as strong, independent and successful entrepreneurs, logistic experts, scientists, engineers, innovators and leaders… though this has not come without its challenges. With our #BeUnique campaign, DB Schenker empowers their powerful women to tap into their individual strengths and to leverage their uniqueness in achieving greater impact. We are proud of our people who best represent our diversity of thought. We invite you to read some of their inspiring stories:

Irma, Director of Contract Logistics/SCM & National Distribution in Manila, Philippines, region APAC

Today we present Irma, our Director of Contract Logistics/SCM & National Distribution in Manila, Philippines, region APAC. Her responsibilities include 2,300+ employees, managing the profit and loss of 225,000+ sqm of warehouse footprint, establishing the Philippines real estate strategy, and driving the Contract Logistics growth through aggressive business development (SELECT to WIN). Further, she is responsible for Operational Excellence programs through the continuous development of sites in the country (SILVER, BRONZE & DEVELOPING status). Lastly, she drives the flawless implementation of new warehouses. 
Irma made some time to fill out our Women@CL questionnaire - find her answers below.

Leadership is the courage to open new paths for others to follow.

Portrait of Irma

What makes your work in Contract Logistics special? 
This leadership position in Contract Logistics allows me to challenge myself so I can constantly raise the bar for myself and the team. My role also allows me to raise the Philippine flag and showcase our Filipino talents to the world. 

 What are your areas of interest/hobbies? 
Cycling, running and badminton are my sports. I have personal targets (or records to beat) that I need to accomplish every time I engage in these sports. 

Please share your personal goals with us   
My goal is to make myself OBSOLETE in the organization. It has always been my passion to develop talents. Talents are developed and born out of intensive observation and evaluation. As a country CL leader, I am in the position to identify and nurture high potential talents to prepare the future of the organization. 

Portrait of Irma

What are your strengths?  
Technical knowledge in Contract Logistics/Supply Chain; Leadership; Empathy; Communication; Negotiation Skills 

What is your advice to other women planning their careers in CL?  
Women should not be afraid to pursue a career in CL. We should always strive for excellence so we can prove our value in the workplace. Women’s nurturing capability could be an advantage. Use it and leverage our strengths to push our agenda and develop more female leaders in our organization. We need to create a deeper support system for our female leaders in order to guarantee success in our organization. 

The idea of women building a network to support each other is an excellent idea! We hope that a series like Women@CL helps to inspire and encourage others to develop female talents even more. Thank you, Irma, for sharing your thoughts and ideas. We had so many inspiring women in this series that we have decided to share a wrap-up with you - coming soon! 

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It is always a good time to explore the various career opportunities that DB Schenker has open in its locations around the world. Known for its welcoming, inclusive workplace and excellent corporate culture, DB Schenker is a great choice for women all around the globe.

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