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Portrait of DB Schenker Employee Andrea

Andrea, Mother earth cannot be saved by females alone

The world has Greta, the Swedish environmental activist, demanding immediate action for climate change mitigation. We have Andrea, our Vice President Global Sustainability. And well, there is “Mother Earth”. Obviously, sustainability sets some female standards. Let us accompany Andrea on her mission to leave future-oriented footprints and learn how we all can join. Andrea is an early mover when it comes to sustainability. Already as a child, she was as close to nature as you could be. Andrea grew up on a farm in a small village in Germany. As a kid, she took unspoiled nature for granted. Fruits and vegetables were not bought at the supermarket but grown and harvested in their own garden. The whole family was involved in creating their own supply chain. At the age of twelve, she made her dad change from traditional to ecological agriculture as she developed asthma due to allergies. This was quite a big step as refraining from the use of pesticides was not normal in the 1980s.

Now, she takes care of sustainability on a far bigger level. Today, Andrea is Vice President Global Sustainability at Schenker AG. This position just seems to be tailor-made for her.

ESG (Environment Social Governance) is not a short-time initiative or a trending buzzword but a long-time mission. This is really what I live for.

Portrait of DB Schenker Employee Andrea

Andrea drives sustainability towards a business imperative

And this is not a girlish dream of her childhood, this is business. “Did you know that already the capital market valuation of companies is mainly determined by their behavior towards society and our planet?”, she asks. This is why she works on measurable ESG goals and the reduction of CO2 emissions, giving full transparency to our stakeholders. “Only then, we are credible for our customers.”, she adds. Once this strategy is defined, each and every colleague will be asked to join. No matter which gender. Sustainability is NOT female.

Portrait of Andrea

Her private life also proves that she is 100% sustainable. Andrea and her family inhabit an eco-house. Their electricity comes from photovoltaic energy, the house is heated by wood and the toilet flushes with rain water. Their clothing, toys and furniture are all second-hand. “You know, the most sustainable goods are those which you use until they are worn out. This is a really small effort, everybody could take.”, she is convinced. The kids are following in her footsteps. Andrea’s oldest daughter Dorothee is already calculating her carbon footprint. All the kids are joining Andrea adding kilometres to the DB Schenker 150 years challenge. For many, the term ”sustainability“ only refers to ecological aspects.
Andrea underlines: „Diversity & inclusion are strong pillars, too.“ Thus, she aims at more women in leadership positions and the  compatibility of job and family. “Let us break with traditional role models. Our job options should not be decided by our family status. Neither for a woman, nor for a man.” Andrea is the living example of this mind-shift. She broke with the traditional order of being housewife and caretaker to become a leader for driving ESG development at DB Schenker. Her husband is full-time houseman and takes care of their four children between the ages of 5 and 12. Great goals can only be achieved as a team.