Diversity Schenker

Diversity & Inclusion as diversity of thought

At DB Schenker we see Diversity & Inclusion as Diversity of Thought, driven by a diverse set of perspectives, work and life experiences, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation and identity, education, and nationality. 

Having diversity of thought represented in our workforce is one thing. Learning to embrace, celebrate and empower this diversity by giving it the space to belong is far more important. When we feel like we belong, we can truly bring our best ideas, solutions and ultimately our best selves to work.

Our colleagues share their personal journeys with us, as well as their thoughts on the importance of diversity and inclusion in our organization. Check out their stories below.


“There is more to life than what you see.”

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Nelson Halim DB Schenker Diversity


“We need to understand the culture and we need to become international in order to win the markets internationally.”

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“Confidence brings success!”

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Johanny Gomez Duran DB Schenker Diversity


"Diversity in general sense is about being unique but equal"

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Susanne Schütz DB Schenker Diversity


“Diversity is a massive advantage.”

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“Go for it! You can reach your goals, just believe in yourself and fight!”

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Susanne Schütz DB Schenker Diversity


"Diversity for me is means of achieving the best result."

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“Intuition, organization, perseverance, consistency at achieving goals, team leadership, strong will and positive attitude proved to be key factors.”

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