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Diversity Schenker

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I): The inspirational journey

What do you think about Diversity & Inclusion? What are your career goals? What is your career path? What inspired you to reach your goals? Do you know the answers to these questions? Do you know how our colleagues answer these questions? 

We want to share the stories of our teammates, maybe one of them inspires you to take the next step in your career pursuit or maybe it will give you some other perspective on D&I. 

Nelson Halim DB Schenker Diversity

Nelson Halim

“We need to understand the culture and we need to become international in order to win the markets internationally.”

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Susanne Schütz DB Schenker Diversity

Wolfgang Frank

“Diversity is a massive advantage.”

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Susanne Schütz DB Schenker Diversity

Susanne Schütz

"Diversity for me is means of achieving the best result."

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Johanny Gomez Duran DB Schenker Diversity

Johanny Gomez Duran

"Diversity in general sense is about being unique but equal"

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Lucy Mulinge

“Confidence brings success!”

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Tina Rundström

“Go for it! You can reach your goals, just believe in yourself and fight!”

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Valerija Špacapan Friš

“Intuition, organization, perseverance, consistency at achieving goals, team leadership, strong will and positive attitude proved to be key factors.”

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