Lucy Mulinge

Operations and Compliance Manager in Kenya

“Confidence Brings Success!”

I joined DB Schenker in 2015 for a position of Operations and Compliance Manager. In that role, I have to ensure that all the company activities meet customer expectations, ensure that the variety of systems and tools in the company are used in line with defined procedures and to validate the output and ensure its accuracy. When I got this job, I was excited about the new opportunity. It was an opportunity for me to have new challenges and achieve the goals I had set out for myself.  

The environment in Schenker Nairobi provides me equal support as it does to my male colleagues. I feel empowered and supported by top management and this has enabled me to carry out my responsibilities with little or no bias from my male colleagues.

I strictly follow a disciplined schedule. I believe that being organized and setting priorities in life is important. The more organized people are, the more successful they become and the easier their cope with their work. The scheduling habit can bring a balance between family and career.

I am very passionate about helping women succeed in the careers. Society and culture play a major role in the success of women. I believe societal influences are still biased against girls. In our society boys are still valued more than girls. This affects their confidence from an early age. Society also treats men and women differently in a sense of character and ambition. Qualities like target orientation and ambition are still viewed as “bad” qualities in a woman and “good wife” behavior does not match the idea of having a successful career.

There are a lot of ambitious ladies out there; I have helped some of them to “grow” and develop. I believe that sometimes we all need some encouragement and some “push”. I was lucky to have my previous manager, as she encouraged me and helped me believe in myself. Therefore, I never hesitate to encourage other ladies.  My advice to all the ladies would be to believe in themselves even when no one else does. What men can do, women can do too. Fear is the biggest enemy of success. So, never be afraid of making mistakes or asking questions and never let anyone tell you, what you can and cannot do.