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DB Schenker Startup Management
This is it: the time of your life.


Starting and running your own business is an adventure. There is so much to consider and so much to plan. Besides the development of your product, you also need to consider logistics. Why not let our experts handle your individual logistics demands?

Logistics4Startups was specially designed for the needs of emerging companies. That way, you can concentrate on what really counts: your business. Trust our professionals; after all you wouldn’t compromise on the quality of your product, either.

Our Logistics4Startups experts are dedicated to giving you the right mix of tools and support so you can succeed with your startup’s logistics while at the same time optimizing performance, managing risks, and keeping costs under control.

One thing less to care about. Doesn’t that sound great?

You have dreams - We have the means

With Logistics4Startups, you have everything you need at hand. Your dedicated Startup Key Account Manager will listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and compile tailor-made logistics solutions that best meet your demands. For free. 

Our vast expertise is just one click away. Doesn’t that sound easy?

Once your requirements are defined, we’ll get you into the fast lane in operations, taking care of your logistics at every stage of the journey. Whether you have single items to get to your customers or large-scale shipments.

And if your needs change, we will, of course, adapt our strategy for you, making sure that your logistics solutions always fit.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Personal contact who listens to your needs and asks the right questions
  • Tailor-made logistics package
  • Agile and customizable solutions
  • Ready to scale and to grow together

Plan now, succeed tomorrow

Make your logistics the driver for success

With a sustainable logistics setup, you achieve higher customer satisfaction, increased purchasing power, better market growth, and have a higher chance to outperform your competition.

Get logistics right – from the start

If you let logistics excellence become a part of your company’s DNA right from the beginning, you allow an efficient, scalable, cross-border organization and supply chain to be built.

Scale to a unicorn and beyond with DB Schenker

We support your full journey from local startup to multinational company with the right logistics products tailored to your current and long-term needs.