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Startup Application

Our goal is to digitize and automate our value chain. We create win:win scenarios between startups and DB Schenker.

We are constantly searching for striving startups for our business and functional units. Are you ready to run a pilot with DB Schenker?

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From introduction to global scaling –

our Global Startup Management process

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1. Application Form

Do you want to collaborate with DB Schenker? Please fill in the startup application form so we can assess your solution.

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2. Internal MatchMaking

We internally evaluate with the business side, whether your solution tackles our pain points and if we see potential for collaborating.

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3. First Exchange

If we have a match, we will setup an introduction meeting to learn more about your solution and startup.

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4. Pilot Preparation

The objective in this phase is to identify a clear use-case and scope.

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5. Pilot Execution

In a real-life scenario we conduct the pilot, with clear KPIs.

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6. Standard Operation

A successful pilot clears the path for a standard operation to be scaled in the Schenker world.

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