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DB Schenker Short-term warehousing
Global Markets Video

Short-term warehousing

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit global supply chains with full force. Due to changing consumer behavior, stranded shipping containers are piling up in seaports with goods that can no longer be sold due to changing consumer behavior. In addition, growing consumer demand for certain goods, for example in the food or health sector, has led to an increase in production.

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DB Schenker Building Red Lion
Global Markets Video

The lion starts to roar: Red Lion is our new regional logistics hub for high speed logistics

We successfully put our new flagship - and at 101 million euros, the largest investment in Schenker's history - into operation in Singapore this summer. The new 50,000 sqm logistics facility is equipped with the latest automation technology and provides first-class logistics services over five floors.

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Alpaca herd Peru wool
Customer Stories

Supporting the Alpaca Industry in Peru

Since the Inca Empire and dating back to 5000 B.C., the lives of alpacas have been preserved and extended by using their wool to create clothing and other materials. Found primarily in the Peruvian Andes, over four million alpacas are tended by thousands of Peruvians who are living far away from modern life.

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Oman Sail EFG Sailing Arabia Boat Sport
Global Markets Video

EFG Sailing Arabia - The Tour

DB Schenker in Oman, one of the leading logistics providers and accustomed to managing hundreds of thousands of sea freight containers, engaged in a different kind of ocean experience for the third consecutive year.

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Cisco Human robot digitized warehouse
Digitalisation Video

Inventing the digitized warehouse

DB Schenker and Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking for the internet, are collaborating to change the face of the logistics industry.

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