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Attention! Fraud attempts when buying a car

Fraud attempts were observed in connection with vehicle purchases, according to which DB Schenker is supposed to act as the trust partner of the seller for the transaction.

As per information we have, the procedure is as follows:

Sales offers for vehicles are placed on Internet sales platforms, whereby the respective vehicle is allegedly abroad and must be transported to Buyers country.

Prospective buyers are informed by e-mail that the carriage and delivery of the vehicle will take place only after the advanced payment of the partial/full vehicle purchase price or other fees (such as i.e. transportation fees etc).

The payment should be made to the account of transport company “DB Schenker”, which is supposedly also commissioned with the transport of the vehicle.

In order to substantiate the seriousness of the transaction, a contract draft allegedly originating from DB Schenker is sent to the prospective buyer, as well as a link to the alleged DB Schenker website i.e.:

It cannot be ruled out that this procedure is also used for sales offers via newspaper advertisements.

We expressly emphasize that the service described here are not offered by DB Schenker.

Please refrain from any payments.

We are already trying to clarify this matter. Please support us and forward any fraud E-mails to us.

We regret the inconvenience and wish you good luck in the further search for a new car.