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Get safely through Brexit with us

On Friday 12th June the UK formally told the EU that it will not be asking for an extension to the Brexit "Transition Period".  This means that from 1st January 2021 new trade rules will come into force and customs declarations will be required.

DB Schenker's Brexit team continue to work on all the issues that need to be understood so that we can continue to support our customers and make the transition to the new rules as simple as possible.

Optimally Prepared

The ongoing Political decisions concerning Brexit will affect transport, customs, and administrative activities for deliveries to, from, and via the United Kingdom. For example, lead times may change. Brexit also brings new administrative formalities. Please ensure that you reach out to your Schenker contact as soon as possible, to arrange to discuss your customs requirements and those of your consignees.   

See our Checklist:

  • EORI Number and Permits
    Have you requested an EORI number yet? Also consider who will provide the export and import declarations, and pay the duties and taxes. Any information you can supply in advance, including those of your consignees, will help us to prepare.
  • Commercial Invoice
    Should be available and contain date, value, quantities, weight, packaging information as well as country of origin, HS commodity codes and the other points listed such as EORI and Incoterms.   
  • HS Code of your Products
    Customs uses a Harmonised System with commodity codes (HS) to classify products. Review and select the correct codes concerned to expedite your freight.
  • Incoterms
    We advise you to discuss your delivery terms and conditions with your consignees, especially the matter of who is responsible for which rights, obligations, and costs. The Incoterms indicate how far the liability of buyer and seller reaches. More information is available here.
  • Authority to act on your behalf (Letter of Power of Attorney or on-line equivalent)
    If either you or your consignee want us to act on your behalf for customs declarations, we’ll need to have the PoA or equivalent from you to proceed.
  • Pallet Shipments
    Check that the materials you use to ship your good comply with regulations – e.g. pallet wood treatments ISPM15

Well prepared for Brexit